6 Popular Pasta Recipes For One (Repeated)

By January 28, 2022Pasta/Rice

Eating out of your pantry

Due to the state of the world at the moment, we find ourselves eating more than ever out of the pantry.

Therefore this month is a collection of recipes for you to choose from, using the pantry staples which you may already have at home.

First up is our most “Popular Pasta Recipes”  with minimal ingredients and most of these are ready in under 30 Minutes.

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Ready in 25 Minutes

Ready in 25 Minutes

Ready in 25 Minutes

Ready in 20 Minutes

Ready in 40 Minutes

Ready in 18 Minutes

Pasta is a very versatile ingredient that is easy to prepare and can be served in many different ways, from a hearty hot meal to a delicious cold salad.

Pasta comes in many shapes and is a great carrier of tasty, flavoursome sauces or dressings that enhance whatever you add to it.  It satisfies the hungry tummy and is very economical for this challenging time.

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  1. Caprese Pesto Pasta
  2. Vegetable Pesto Pasta
  3. Moroccan Pasta
  4. Lemon Tagliatelle
  5. Chicken Cheese and Pasta Bake
  6. Tuna and Mushroom Fettuccini 

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