Fighting the Flu

I have been fighting the flu, not Covid thank God, but three weeks of coughing, headaches, and now just drained of energy. I do hope to be back in full swing next week with more exciting recipes for us all to enjoy. Thank you for your understanding. 
June 24, 2022

What’s in your fridge … Leftover Coconut cream

Here are 6 of my delicious recipes for you, using What's in the fridge leftover ,,, Coconut Cream Tip: Did you know you can freeze coconut cream and coconut milk for use later I like to do this in zip lock bags, using different amounts like ¼ cup, and ½ cup or in ice cubes trays = 1 tablespoon, then zip lock them. (Thaw well before using as can seperate)
May 13, 2022