6 Popular Egg Recipes For One

By September 8, 2020September 18th, 2020Most Popular Recipes

Eating out of your pantry

Due to the state of the world at the moment, we find ourselves eating more than ever out of the pantry.

Therefore this month is a collection of recipes for you to choose from, using the pantry staples which you may already have at home.

Next up is my most “Popular Egg Recipes”  with minimal ingredients and ready between 10 – 40 Minutes.

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Ready in 40 Minutes

Ready in 33 Minutes

Ready in 30 Minutes

Ready in 10 Minutes

Ready in 28 Minutes

Ready in 13 Minutes

Here are 6 of my most Popular Egg Recipes for you to try.

Please buy Free-range eggs as the chickens are free to roam in the yard and have a much healthier and more humane lifestyle. They also produce a much richer yellow yolk and therefore taste better, in my opinion.

Eggs are so economical and versatile. There are many ways to use eggs in the kitchen, they can be beaten, scrambled, fried, or cooked in their shell for Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner.

Did you know: A fresh egg will lay flat on the bottom of a glass of water, if it points down it’s ok to use now, but if it floats it’s not good.

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  1. Capsicum Egg Cups
  2. Roasted Pumpkin Spinach and Feta
  3. Ham and Egg Mushroom
  4. Egg and Lettuce Salad
  5. Egg in Spicy Capsicum Tomato Sauce (Shakshuka)
  6. Smashed avocado smoked salmon poached egg on toast

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