6 Popular Cooked Chicken Recipes For One

By September 22, 2020Most Popular Recipes

Eating out of your pantry

Due to the state of the world at the moment, we find ourselves eating more than ever out of the pantry.

Therefore this month is a collection of recipes for you to choose from, using the pantry staples which you may already have at home.

Next up are “6 Popular Cooked Chicken Recipes for One”  Easy to cook and ready between  8 and 30 Minutes.

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Ready in 8 Minutes

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Ready in 25 Minutes

Ready in 10 Minutes

Here are 6  Popular Chicken Recipes for you to try.

Chicken is one of my favourite proteins. There are so many ways to use it, When I cook a whole chicken I like to break it up into serving sizes or chop the meat and place into an airtight container or ziplock then freeze for later use. These recipes are so quick and easy with lots of different flavours for you to Enjoy!

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  1. Satay Chicken Toasted Wrap 

  2. Chicken Croquettes 

  3. Chicken and Vegetable pot pie
  4. Creamy Avocado Chicken and Cabbage Salad 
  5. Chicken and Asparagus Gratin 
  6. Avocado Chicken and Cheese Melts 

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