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Welcome Back

Hello and welcome back Another year of new beginnings, out with old and bring on the new. I look forward to bringing you more new and exciting things to make and eat. To get the most out of this site, I need your help and encourage you to interact with me, please comment, request recipes and or let me know your thoughts. Thank you and Happy New Year :) Judy
January 15, 2024

Fighting the Flu

I have been fighting the flu, not Covid thank God, but three weeks of coughing, headaches, and now just drained of energy. I do hope to be back in full swing next week with more exciting recipes for us all to enjoy. Thank you for your understanding. 
June 24, 2022

Prik Nam Pla – Spicy Thai Fish Sauce

This dipping sauce is on every Thai table. It’s quick and easy to make and adds a salty-spicy addition to any meal. I do love it, especially on fried eggs for breakfast. Enjoy!
February 11, 2022